Pen Holder


by Xiaodong Ma


Material: Fine bone porcelain

Size: 150 × 150 × 18(h) (Unit: mm)


This is a research to combine the functional needs and the my inspiration from a picture of memories. The beautiful picture I saw was a quiet and clear night, the reserted image of the cresent in the dark sky appeared in a lake, this is the shape of the cresent with movements in water. Then following this inspiration and the beauty of the wavy form, I designed this series to transfom the moon story to the concrete useful objects.

Melting Table



Material: wood, porcelain

Size: 50 × 50 × 45(h)(cm)


What happen when wood meets porcelain for a coffee table. I made the legs by porcelain and imitating the melting process to get the feeling of warm. The mould of table legs were made of sewing fabrics.

Sliced objects



Laser cutting

Materials: cardboard, wax, plaster, styrofoam, concrete.


This is a project about ourdoor furniture, these are the process to discover new ways of modeling. I decide to apply the sliced mould, to keep the most flexibility and directionality. I use the laser to cut cardboard or styrofoam to build the sliced mould, to be filled in wax, plaster and concrete..

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