Floating Plates


by Xiaodong Ma


Material: Porcelain

S: 120 × 60 × 13(h)

M: 220 × 80 × 18(h)

L: 350 × 110 × 25(h) (Unit: mm)


The floating form of the porcelain plates is inspired by the connection of the different food and dished on a dinner table. Originally I defined the continuous form as

a seamless striangles' structure, and the triangles are in different sizes to build various forms. The curved shapes of plates were transformed from those triangles, and finally there are three different shapes for the series. The three plates with different sizes could meet all requirements

of a big dinner. So in this way the traditional food will become a flowing parttern, and people will get a feeling of movements even if they sit on a chair and having a stiff dinner. Also when the three shapes meet together, they reduce the spatial use in storage

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